The web, interactive and creative fields are about understanding users and creating engaging human experiences. In today's world, people expect a website to be exciting and interactive. They expect navigation to be smooth and easy, their goals to be met with immediate satisfaction, and of course, the process to be fun and stimulating! It takes a multidisciplinary team to brainstorm, problem solve, and create this multifunctional and multifaceted experience for each and every user.

This conference is about bringing established professionals in the web, experience, interaction and creative fields and having them communicate their experiences through multiple forms of interaction. Conference attendees will be able to view the speakers presentations, be part of a question and answer session and also talk to them in person at the meet and greet. The speakers are: Todd Miller (Director of Digital Marketing Strategy and Solutions at Wawa) Kristine and Phil Newswanger (Owners of Modo Design Group), Doug Logan (President of Inovat) and Bri Piccari (Partner & Designer of Shake & Shift).

The hope is that this conference brings together students, faculty and working professionals from various disciplines to discuss the latest happenings in the web, interactive and creative fields. The attendees come from a wide range of disciplines, including art, business, communication, computer science, design, journalism and many others. Please join us and be part of the conversation.